To His Glory...

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Psalms - Song List
         Arise and Lift Your Hand, O Lord         Psalm 10:12, 15-16         Protection
         Ask of Me         Psalm 2:7-9         Prophecy
         Be Exalted, O Lord, in Your Strength         Psalm 21:13         Praise
         Because You Are My Lord         Psalm 4:7-8         Protection
         Blessed Is He         Psalm 32:1-2, 11         Righteousness
         Blessed Is the Man         Psalm 1:1-2         God's Word
         Call to Worship #1         Psalm 100:4-5         Praise
         Call to Worship #2         Psalm 117         Praise
         For in You, O Lord, Do I Hope         Psalm 38:15, 18, 21-22         Prayer
         Give Ear to My Words, O Lord         Psalm 5:1-3         Prayer
         Give to the Lord the Glory Due His Name         Psalm 29:2-4, 7, 9         God's Name
         He Hears and Answers Me         Psalm 3:3-4         Protection
         He Is Like a Tree         Psalm 1:3         Daily Walk
         How Brief Is My Time         Psalm 39:4-5         Life Span
         How Majestic Is Your Name         Psalm 8:1, 3, 9         Creation
         I Call on You, O God         Psalm 17:6-8         Prayer
         I Sing to the Lord         Psalm 13:5-6         Praise
         I Trust in You, O Lord         Psalm 31:14-17         Protection
         I Will Bless the Lord at All Times         Psalm 1-2, 3-4         Praise
         I Will Give Thanks to You, Lord         Psalm 9:1, 9-10         Thanksgiving
         I Will Love You, O Lord         Psalm 18:1-3         Commitment
         I Will Not Fear Ten Thousand         Psalm 3:6-8         Protection
         I Will Praise the Lord, Who Counsels Me         Psalm 16:7-8, 11         God's Presence
         Kiss the Son         Psalm 2:11-12         Prophecy
         Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates         Psalm 24:7-10         Prophecy
         Lord, Help Me See My Failings         Psalm 19:12-14         Prayer
         Lord, Who May Dwell?         Psalm 15:1-4         Daily Walk
         Lullaby to the Unborn Child         Psalm 139:13-16         Sanctity of Life
         Make a Joyful Noise         Psalm 100         Praise
         Make the Just Secure         Psalm 7:9, 11-13         Judgment
         My God, My God         Psalm 22:1, 6-7, 14-18         Prophecy
         My Soul Shall Be Joyful         Psalm 35:9, 28         Praise
         My Strength and My Shield         Psalm 28:7         Warfare
         O How I Love Thy Law!         Psalm 119:97         God's Word
         O Lord, I Love the House Where You Live         Psalm 26:8, 12         Worship
         O Praise the Lord, All Ye Nations         Psalm 117         Praise
         O Taste and See         Psalm 34:8-9, 17-18         Provision
         Refuge in You         Psalm 5:11-12         Praise
         Sing to the Lord, O Ye Saints of His         Psalm 30:4-5, 11-12         God's Name
         The Earth Is the Lord's         Psalm 24:1-4         God's Presence
         The Eye of the Lord         Psalm 33:18-21         Protection
         The Fool Has Said         Psalm 14:1-3         Judgment
         The Heavens Declare         Psalm 19:1-6         Creation
         The Law of the Lord Is Perfect         Psalm 19:7-11         God's Word
         The Lord Is in His Holy Temple         Psalm 11:4-7         God's Holiness
         The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation         Psalm 27:1, 4-5         Light
         The Lord Is My Shepherd         Psalm 23         God's Leading
         The Secret Place         Psalm 91         Protection
         The Shadow of Your Wings         Psalm 36:5-7         Safety
         The Words of the Lord         Psalm 12:6-7         God's Word
         Trust in the Lord and Do Good         Psalm 37:3-6, 23-24         Trust
         Unfailing Love         Psalm 6:1-4         Love
         Unto You, O Lord, Do I Lift My Soul         Psalm 25:1-2, 4-6         Trust
         We Will Shout for Joy         Psalm 20:5-7         Trust
         With Your Help I Can Advance         Psalm 18:29-30, 33-34, 40         Warfare
         You, O Lord, Keep My Candle Burning         Psalm 18:28         Light